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Return Policy

Returns on Online Purchases

 We do NOT accept returns. We want to make sure you love your products. If you have not used a product and unsure if it is right for you please contact us for a recommendation. PLEASE NOTE some Environ products use a "Step Up" system and can cause skin damage and irritation if not used correctly and on the right skin types. Please contact us for a consultation prior to purchasing ANY Environ products.

Broken Package

We take it upon ourselves to ensure your package arrives safely, so we will replace any items that arrived damaged in transit. Please email or call us as soon as you receive your order. We may ask for photos of the damaged package. Please also file a claim with USPS as they are responsible for the damage.

In order to offer the best experience to our Rejuvenate Skincare customers, Rejuvenate Skincare reserves the right to limit returns if we have reason to suspect misuse of our return policy (such as excessive returns, reselling, or fraud).

Please let us know if you have any questions, our Team is happy to help!